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Hyper Fetch - Framework for data exchange, async state management and more | Product Hunt

Hyper Fetch

Ultimate framework for data exchange, asynchronous state management, complex persistence and queueing.

For any Javascript / Typescript environment like Node.js, React, Angular, Svelte, Vue and others.

No more architecture struggle.

We offer the e2e solution, unified data flow, and full integrity with external solutions. Here you will find recipes for most data management or requesting problems, and solutions for writing effective tests and maintenance.

Http, Graphql, Websocket, SSE

There is nothing impossible for us, we provide unlimited possibilities for data exchange, the necessary tools and easy-to-implement solutions. We support all popular solutions and protocols, including the websocket.

Replace and customize the system

Are you used to proven tools such as Axios, or fetch? You can easily use them with Hyper Fetch, we do not limit the possibility of combining our platform with existing solutions. This applies to most class items included with package.

Persistence and offline first

The most advanced solution for persistence and offline first. We based our framework on requests and strict data standards, which allows us to store not only data returned from queries, but also entire requests before sending them!

Future is now. Features are here.

We provide not only a full range of functionalities, but also interfaces and possibilities to create solutions tailored to your needs. You can easily connect to the events that power our architecture and you can confidently create your own logic and have full control over the data flow like nowhere else.
Simple setup
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Automatic caching
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Built-in adapter
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Request cancellation
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Easy to test
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Window Focus/Blur Events
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SSR Support
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Offline first ready
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Simple. Fast. Better.

Save time needed to handle state and reducers. Save time on http adapter setup and it's dependencies. Everything is set up right after installation, it's fully configured environment with no external dependencies!

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