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Hyper Fetch is a library for a very wide range of uses - it provides the logic necessary to perform requests, caching, queuing, offline support, persistence possibilities of the queued requests and cache. By offering the above solutions, we have the ambition to become one of the greatest fetching tools - this is certainly not our last word.


The idea for Hyper Fetch came from our observation and leading many projects in the Reactjs environment. There are many great fetch libraries and api - like axios, fetch, swr, react-query but the logic that they provide is detached from each other - hooks from the fetchers.

This of course gives the possibility to make it fully our own way - but there are few issues coming with this approach. We need to build this logic every time we start building new application, there is no schema for data exchange and normalization which is blocking many, many possible features to come.

We decided to overcome this issue by giving straight and opinionated solution with the flexibility that will make it possible to change the parts of the whole system to make it work as you would like. With this approach we can give you the tool that's packed with all sorts of features you may need in production environments with solutions for testing, maintaining and general usage. Do not waste your time to write fetchers and whole flow with each application, set it up in few minutes and you're ready to go!

Main Goals

  • Enable you to quickly build new solutions without repeating your work or copying it between projects
  • Provide all the necessary fetching systems with the possibility of expanding them as you wish
  • Eliminate duplication of solutions between and within projects by giving global access to server settings
  • Make rapid development of applications possible, where setting up fetcher and dependencies will take minutes, not hours or days
  • Trivial tracking of the progress and queue of sent requests
  • Offline and Persistence solutions that no other library offers
  • Ease of use by eliminating and automating the most problematic places


Checkout our guides section where you can find: