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Hyper Fetch is a library born from years of observation and analysis of the approach to data exchange with the server. Thanks to our knowledge and willingness to share our experience, we have created this unique library to significantly simplify our work as developers. Our approach, however, was clear, we want the community to take part in testing and developing the library, so first of all we pay a lot of attention to testing and securing the architecture against unpredictable effects that this development may bring. We hope our hard work and vision will help and encourage you to join the great initiative of open source writing!

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For people who want to learn more about Hyper Fetch and the environment prepared by us, we will prepare and systematically expand the Courses and the Wiki, where you will find a lot of useful examples and use our library. If you are interested in training, implementation and consultations, we invite you to communicate via linkedin or via e-mail.

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To simplify the work with the library as much as possible, we have prepared special examples written in nextjs and react, which can be found in the main repository of the library.