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Version: 5.x.x


An installation of Hyper Fetch can be run clean or for a specific environment. However, we only currently support React.


The main @hyper-fetch/core package is required for other sub packages to work.


TypeScript is used especially when you want to deploy pure Hyper Fetch logic, without an additional layer of abstraction for a specific environment, library, or framework. This gives you access to Hyper Fetch’s base features.

npm install --save @hyper-fetch/core


Sockets is created for handling websockets or server sent events.

npm install --save @hyper-fetch/sockets


React allows the installation of the base library with hooks, offering interfaces that facilitate library usage and support the application lifecycle.

npm install --save @hyper-fetch/core @hyper-fetch/react

Firebase adapter

npm install --save @hyper-fetch/core @hyper-fetch/firebase

GraphQL adapter

npm install --save @hyper-fetch/core @hyper-fetch/graphql

Axios adapter

npm install --save @hyper-fetch/core @hyper-fetch/axios